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Special conditions apply these periods:

HOLIDAY BOOKING WEEK 30 July 24 to 30 cabins are only bookable with sommarland entrance and at least two nights, 24-26 / 7, 26-28 / 7 or 28-30 / 7th Can not be booked online, but only by phone or email.

Fryksdalsdansen 11-12 August 2017 Fryksdalsdansen formerly week 30 has been moved to week 32. Only whole booking period (arrival Friday and departure Sunday) are bookable, both campgrounds and all types of cabins.

AGE 30 YEARS TO BOOK HOUSE, leg.kontroll at check-in. (Cabins can not be booked online for Fryksdalsdansen, they are bookable by phone or email. AGE 18 YEARS TO BOOK campsite, leg.kontroll at check in. Max 2 seats per person. Camping fee covers up to 5 people / place. Are you more, read additional info on Tent and COMBI CAMP BAN ON ORDINARY camping under Fryksdalsdansen.

During Fryksdalsdansen is also an extra camping above the ordinary camping, there are places with and without electricity and it is also permitted with tents. Can only be booked by telephone or e-mail starting in May 2017. NOTE! We do not recommend families with children to visit us during the festival.

Contacts Sunne Camping: Email: Phone: 0565-167 70


Phone: +46 (0)565-167 70 Fax: +46 (0)565-167 85
Address: Kolsnäsvägen 4, 686 35 Sunne

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