Comfort rules

We hope you will have a nice stay with us! The following rules have been developed in collaboration with the Nordic camping organizations and are created for your and other campers and visitors' satisfaction.

1. The campsite is an SCR-affiliated campsite. Upon check-in, a Camping ID or valid Camping Key Europe must be displayed. Please download the app My Camping Key before arrival and check-in will be faster, otherwise it can be issued on site.

2. Identification is required to stay at SCR-affiliated campsites.

3. Sunne Camping is a family campsite with an age limit of at least 18 years for both cottages and campsites. NOTE! During the festival Fryksdalsdansen, the age limit is increased to 30 years for renting a cottage.

4. Only one car per campsite / cabin is allowed (+1 for a fee.) Motor traffic is only allowed between the entrance of the area and its own place of residence.

5. A general rule of the campsite is to show consideration. Disturbing behavior is not allowed. Do not disturb the tranquility of the campsite with car driving more than absolutely necessary. Drive at walking speed. Between 23.00-07.00 it should be quiet at the campsite.

6. Sunne Camping's staff works for peace and order in the area and helps if problems arise. If there is a problem at night, call our emergency telephone on +46 (0) 73-061 67 70, otherwise contact the reception. In the event of an ongoing crime or serious accident, also call emergency number 112.

7. It is forbidden to admit other guests in the area with another guest's key card, violation is prosecuted and leads to rejection of the place. Visitors must be notified at the reception.

8. Dog owners are asked to show the greatest possible consideration to other guests, keep the dog in a leash, rest it outside the camping area and pick up after it.

9. Help us keep the campsite clean and rubbish-free. Use the garbage containers that are in the area. Please note that we have garbage sorting.

10. Leave the common areas (toilets, laundry and shower rooms, kitchens and dishes) in the same condition as you wish to find them yourself.

11. It is forbidden to smoke in all cottages and in all common areas of the campsite. It is also prohibited to have pets in all common areas and in some of the our cabins. If the smoking and / or pet ban is not respected, SEK 3000 will be charged.

12. Departure. Unless otherwise agreed with the reception, the camping pitch must be vacated and cleaned before 12.00 on the day of departure. For cottages valid at 11.00. Failure to check-out at the scheduled time may be charged, additional costs incurred due to delay.

13. The campsite host or staff is not responsible for damage to, or loss of, the camping guest's property. Anyone who damages buildings, materials or other campers' property can be made liable for compensation in accordance with applicable rules and laws. Any form of damage or theft is reported to the police.

14. Most campers behave considerately. The staff may, in exceptional cases, be forced to take action against guests who do not respect the above simple and obvious rules of procedure. Campers who are disturbing in the area can be de-listed from the site and the relevant camping card can be blocked.


• Reverse into the pitch, the caravan's towbar should always be positioned against the road. Motorhomes can be reversed or driven straight into the site.

• Firing in the area is prohibited. When using disposable grills, one must keep in mind the following; barbecue that stands directly on the grass is a fire hazard, grills and / or marshalls must not be set on wood. Used grills should be placed in the special barrels located at the garbage stations.

• It is forbidden to use gasoline / diesel powered power stations in the area.

• Check heating and lighting devices. Watch out for gas leaks.

• It is forbidden to share electrical outlets with anyone else, detection means immediate evacuation.

• Always use approved cables.

• Avoid smoking in tents and never smoke in bed / sleeping bag.

• Extinguishing equipment through fire extinguishers are located throughout the area, see map.

• If it catches fire; shop calmly! Warn or save your surroundings! Call the emergency services on tel. 112. Extinguish or try to limit the fire but first think about your own and others' safety.